A virtual training manual that allows for interactive video demonstrations of office training and procedures.


Training is one of the most valuable investments that an organization can do for its employees. It is known that organizations that invest in high level training outperform in employee retention, organizational efficiency and financial success. However, it is also expensive and time consuming.

VTM has found a solution. VTM is a trusted app for high quality videos to train, connect and improve the industry


Download the app and create an account with VTM, Virtual Training Manual. Invite your team to be part of your group

Start creating and sharing videos within your group.

Opt to share your videos with the VTM community and allow your organization to connect and improve to the highest industry standards.

View other videos and opt to add them to your own virtual manual.

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Download the VTM app today to start creating and viewing videos, developing your training manual and connecting with others in your industry. Train, Connect, Improve!